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Know where your important things are at all times with the long-lasting GEGO Global Tracking Device.


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No Matter the Destination, GEGO Technology Is With You

GEGO Universal Tracker

Use as a luggage tracker when traveling, or when handling day-to-day responsibilities. Monitor your important cargo no matter where you are. Our sleek tracker is FAA and TSA compliant, easy to use, and small enough to fit in any space. Smart battery life can last for weeks, and the distance covered is worldwide. Receive notifications when moved and arriving at airports through our app right to your device. 

Best suitable for:  Luggage, car, purse, child, sports equipment, camera, shipments, cases, tools, music instruments, locate everything! 

More than a GPS tracker. GEGO it and relax!

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GEGO Global Tracking Device

Using GSM technology, GEGO tracker has the best coverage for you! GEGO is the only patented device on the market and fully compliant with all aviation regulations. 

Securely Take Your Things on the Go With GEGO

GEGO is the only tracker on the market with a US Patent (#20110241874A1). What does this mean? It means our unique technology allows the device to automatically switch off and on when the plane takes off and lands. This is what makes it fully compliant with TSA, FAA, IATA and all air regulations. It also means GEGO is allowed to be inside any checked in or carry on luggage as well as in any kind of shipment.

GEGO Luggage Tracker. Global Tracker

True Global Range

Do you know what makes GEGO the best global long-distance tracking device? It’s true global range!

3G GSM Technology
WiFi Hotspots Triangulation
Bluetooth Proximity Feature
Worldwide Coverage - we have coverage in 190 countries with no additional roaming charges.

black tracker shows global range features

Battery Lasts For Weeks

Our rechargeable and smart battery was designed for long-term monitoring of assets. It lasts on average between 10-20 days and even more!

*Depending on usage mode.

Tech Specs
Global Coverage
Long Smart Battery Life
Movements alert
GSM + Bluetooth + WIFI


  • Locating Your GEGO

    Locate your GEGO anytime, anywhere. Get real-time alerts about the location of your luggage, package, car or assets. Distance doesn't matter when tracking what you care the most with GEGO.

    person holding smartphone showing location of trackers
  • Bluetooth Proximity Radar

    Now you can know when your GEGO is close to you. Our Bluetooth proximity radar will alert you when nearby.

    person holding smartphone showing proximity radar feature
  • Safe Locations

    Add safe locations like Home, Airport or School so you're alerted when your GEGO gets there. Or, let GEGO suggest frequently visited spots and set them as safe zones in the app.

    person holding smartphone showing add safe location feature

Why Choose GEGO?

As IoT continues to grow, we are paving the way as innovators with the latest in luggage tracker technology.

International usage! We take pride in connecting the world to you through our smart trackers and unique approach. 


Our creative solutions make travel security and day to day responsibilities easier to manage.

Unique Technology

Our cutting-edge technology and service make us stand out above the rest every time.

Are you ready?

Know where your important items always are. Security and quality matters when taking care of your belongings. Let us assist you with what matters the most.

Luggage Tracker. Worldwide Coverage