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First time user
"Super, nice and simple. "
Sorin B.
"I bought a GEGO for my recent trip to Europe and product works great. I received notifications that my luggage arrived to each airport I've been. Also I used it on my backpack to track it in case it was stolen or left behind. So far so good!! Customer service is great!!"
"very good experience"
Martin H.
Great Service
"I just purchased 3 GEGO units. So far, working great. Customer service has been excellent. "
Rory M.
Effective baggage tracker
"The tracker successfully confirmed the movement of our suitcase on a flight to Washington. At extended stopping points, we got a notification of the bag's general area. The Bluetooth location finder is not good enough for pinpointing the bag, but it does confirm that the bag is nearby. The software app on the iPhone is fairly easy to use, and worked properly. Battery life appears to be about a week. "
Richard F.
Top notch customer service.
"The item itself seems like it will serve the purpose for which I purchased it. Unfortunate I needed to contact customer service and was very happy with their prompt response, their concern for my predicament and their efforts to resolve the matter. I applaud them and wish other businesses would take note of how their customers should be treated."
Michael P.
Works great!
"Very good - long battery life if no used much."
Daniel M.
Excellent for Business Travel
"The best device I have ever used. "
dale y.
Easy use of the tracking device
"It's very easy to use it. Currently I use the tracker to track my car. The app shows you the exactly position of your tracking device, except if there is no mobile connection possible. "
Giorgio C.
An excellent device
"I would highly recommend"
Phillip M.
Accurate location with long battery life
"The GPS location of the device is very precise - i.e. within 1-2 meters. The battery lasts a long time, so there is never an issue of the battery going dead while in critical use."
Thomas L.