Best Tracker for Kids in 2023

Best Tracker for Kids in 2023

Know where they are.
Have peace of mind!

Travel with your kids without worries. Don't lose your child abroad. Just place GEGO in their backpack! Battery last for weeks!

"There are many things to worry about as a mom, GEGO takes one of the worst worries away by helping you keep track of your child’s location through your smartphone!".

Locate your kids with GEGO global tracker. A  personal monitoring device that tracks down your child’s whereabouts. GEGO can be worn as an accessory or even attached to your child’s backpack.

GEGO global tracker for kids

Locating your GEGO

Locating your GEGO at any distance. Get frequents location updates about the location of your kids. Distance doesn't matter. Track it worldwide.



  • Set up safe locations like "home" or "school" so you are alerted if your kids are there. Or let GEGO suggest frequently visited spots and set them as safe zones in the app.





  • Proximity-radar, locate them real-time. Global coverage.

GEGO proximity radar tracker