How GEGO Luggage Tracker Keeps All Your Valuables Safe

GEGO tracking device for lost luggage
Anyone who has lost their luggage knows that doing so can be much more than just an inconvenience. Traveling to an important business meeting or conference and losing that brief that was in your luggage could cost the loss of valuable information and even profit.
Even more recreational trips like vacations can be ruined by the curveball of lost luggage, and as sad as it is, the most precious of valuables are in more need of protection and monitoring than ever before.
Thankfully, the GEGO luggage tracker can give you the precise location monitoring you need to keep track of not just your luggage, but any valuable you’d like to keep an eye on. From locating lost luggage from countries away to ensure that your children are where they should be, GEGO can give you peace of mind by tracking what’s most important to you. While there are other tracking systems that promise to monitor your valuables, GEGO’s combination of tracking technologies and helpful app features make it the device of choice for all your monitoring needs. Here’s what sets it apart.
  1. Comprehensive tracking technology – While most trackers use either GPS which can’t always penetrate into buildings (like airport terminals) to find exact locations, or GSM which only works near cellphone towers, or Bluetooth which can only handle short-range tracking, GEGO combines 3G, GSM, WIFI and Bluetooth technology to provide worldwide, precise location tracking. Whether your luggage is lost half a world away or is just within a few hundred feet of you in a crowded terminal, GEGO can help you track it down.
  2. Apps and alerts – GEGO allows you to set safe limits on the location radius of your valuables and will give you a notification when the object moves into or out of that radius. That way, you’ll know if your briefcase comes into proximity of you at the airport or when it got lost in transit (or if your teenager takes the car against your wishes, you’ll be notified of that too). The GEGO app is also compatible with IOS and Android, and the user-friendly interface enables you to receive notifications and alerts about the status of your valuables on your terms.
  3. Safe-Flight – GEGO's proprietary algorithm makes it compliant with all TSA, FAA and IATA requirements, so you’ll never trigger an alarm at the airport or need to turn off your device.
  4. Long-lasting battery life – GEGO’s rechargeable battery comes with multiple power-saving options to optimize the life of your tracker, so you can have the tracking capability you need for as long as you need it – and all in a device the length of a credit card.
The makers of GEGO pioneered luggage tracking systems with LugLoc, and now they’ve taken their expertise to new heights with a compact device that offers local and long-range tracking, safe-limit notification, and non-interfering technology to make the most cutting-edge tracker to date – and it’s not limited just to luggage. From keeping track of your valuables to monitoring the motion of children or aged loved ones, GEGO can keep both the precious things and people in your life safe. If you want to protect it, watch over it with GEGO!