GEGO GPS: Your Essential Companion for the ACROSS ANDES Race

GEGO GPS: Your Essential Companion for the ACROSS ANDES Race

Are you a passionate cyclist gearing up for the thrilling ACROSS ANDES race? If so, there's a secret weapon you'll want to have in your arsenal: GEGO GPS. Let us share with you why GEGO GPS is one of the must-have items for riders embarking on this challenging journey.

The ACROSS ANDES race is one of the most renowned cycling events, drawing participants from across the globe. It's a grueling test of endurance and skill, set against the backdrop of the majestic Andes Mountains. To ensure you have a smooth and successful race, GEGO GPS can be your game-changer.

Meet Paulina Pinto Fernandez, an avid cyclist who has experienced firsthand the importance of GEGO. She traveled to Spain to participate in an exclusive mountain cycling competition, a dream she had long been preparing for. However, her excitement turned into despair when her precious bike didn't make it to the destination. It was a heartbreaking moment that threatened to derail her plans.

Paulina shares her story, "On my last trip to Spain, I didn't have my Gego to keep track of my bicycle bag. At the stopover, they left my bike and didn't deliver it to me until 2 weeks later. This meant that I could not participate in the event I was attending. It was a sad moment, I had to change the entire trip planning and with the uncertainty of not finding my bike. I finally got it back but I decided to prevent this from happening again and got my Gego, now everything is peace of mind, wherever I go, I know exactly where my bike is, and the battery lasts for weeks, without recharging. I can't travel again without my Gego, now all my friends want one, there is nothing like the peace of mind of traveling with one less worry."

Imagine the relief and peace of mind that GEGO GPS could have provided Paulina on that fateful trip. Now, as a member of the organizing team for ACROSS ANDES and AV2, Paulina recommends that all participants invest in a GEGO GPS device. It ensures that you'll be on time, stress-free, and fully prepared for the race.

We are honored to be a partner of this remarkable event, and we owe a special thanks to Paulina for allowing us to be a part of her journey.

As a token of our appreciation, we're excited to offer an exclusive 20% discount on GEGO GPS. Just use the promo code "ACROSSANDES" during checkout, and you'll be well on your way to ensuring a worry-free race.

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