Where's My Car?" With GEGO's New Car Tracker, Users Will Never Ask That Question Again

Where's My Car?

The company at the forefront of luggage tracking technology has expanded its horizons to car tracking — and with their help, users are more empowered to locate their vehicle than ever before.

GEGO has developed a car tracking device similar to its previous luggage trackers, with special attention given to features particularly beneficial to vehicles. Even with the auto-friendly design, the newest tracker has many of the same features that GEGO users have come to love: 

Those who plan to use GEGO's elite tracking capabilities for monitoring the location of their cars will find the location history feature especially helpful, as all motion of the device can be recorded, allowing users to know when their car was driven without their permission.

For added security, GEGO safe zones can be established to notify the user when the vehicle moves in and out of the designated range. With this feature, users are given peace of mind that they know exactly when their car is not where it should be. Tech support is also available seven days a week.

Today's consumer has more concern than ever about the status and location of their belongings, and GEGO seems to get that. They've now applied their tracking expertise to vehicles, and with their compact, precise location monitoring technology, the safety their users have come to enjoy with their luggage can now be applied to their cars as well — security for which they've already shown tremendous appreciation.