GEGO GPS is Approved by Leading Cargo Airlines Worldwide

GEGO GPS is Approved by Leading Cargo Airlines Worldwide

We continue improving. GEGO GPS tracker device has received approval from the leading cargo airlines worldwide!

✈ GEGO GPS meets the rigorous requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other regulatory bodies, ensuring its total safety during cargo flights. This milestone underscores our commitment to excellence and quality.

The approval from top cargo airlines is a testimony to the reliability and compliance of our products. Businesses can trust GEGO Tracking Solutions to track their shipments securely and effectively, ensuring hassle-free air logistics.

Congratulations to our team of Techs and Developers experts for this goal!!!

Join GEGO Tracking Solutions, we are transforming how businesses manage their air shipments.

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American Airlines Cargo 
Southwest Cargo 
Delta Cargo 
United Cargo
Korean Air Cargo 
Air Canada Cargo 
Air New Zealand Cargo

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