Why Every Traveler Needs a Luggage Tracker

Why Every Traveler Needs a Luggage Tracker
The US Department of Transport regulation for lost, damaged, or delayed baggage sets a maximum compensation figure of $3,800 for domestic flights in the US, but it's undoubtedly best not to lose your luggage at all. 

Unfortunately, this is not always in your control, and missing baggage could cause you inconvenience and result in you having to buy more clothing and electronics while you wait for reimbursement. 

The good news is you can use our Gego GPS luggage tracker to increase your chances of being reunited with your belongings in the event of luggage going missing.

Let's find out why every traveler needs a luggage locator.

Reduced Stress

Even the thought of losing your luggage in transit can be enough to make you feel tense. Your stress levels can go even higher if your bags do go missing and you have no idea where they are or if you will be able to get them back.

But, when you have a suitcase GPS, it's possible to view real-time location reports so you know exactly where your luggage is situated. With excellent accuracy and around-the-world coverage, our device can help reassure you that your bags are where they are supposed to be at all times. 


It can be expensive to replace your lost belongings. Even if the airline or your insurance company will reimburse you for the cost, you may have to pay for replacement items upfront. 

However, if you are using a smart luggage tracker, you could quickly find out where your bags are and get them back. This could help keep your costs down and save you hassle.

Compact Design

You may be using a small travel suitcase or carrying hand luggage, so you won't want to have a large GPS tracker that takes up more space than necessary. 

Our GEGO GPS tracker is compact, allowing you to easily fit it in with your other belongings in your luggage. When you arrive at your destination, you could even take our device out of your suitcase and transfer it to a smaller bag that you'll be carrying around throughout the day.

Luggage Tracker Alert Notifications

While our app is easy to use, you may not want to spend time checking it all the time. Our intelligent suitcase tracker can send you alerts should your bag move out of designated 'safe zones'. 

You can then ask whoever is in charge of your bags why they are in an unusual location and find out when they will arrive at their next stop.

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Adding a luggage tracker to your suitcases and travel bags can help you find lost or stolen belongings. This can reduce your stress levels and allow you to wear and use what you packed for your trip rather than having to shop for new items while you wait for your luggage to be located.

At Gego.io, we can provide you with a high-quality luggage locator that sends alerts should your bags turn up in unexpected locations. You can then take rapid action to get your luggage back and get on with enjoying your trip.

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