GEGO, the 3G Evolution $40 OFF

$59.95 $99.95 saving $40.00
GEGO, the 3G Evolution $40 OFF

GEGO, the 3G Evolution $40 OFF

$59.95 $99.95 saving $40.00
Take this opportunity to get a unique deal to maintain your tracking experience!

GEGO, comes with a SIM Card from one of the largest telecom companies in the world, offering the best 2G and 3G coverage, thanks to their roaming capabilities and contracts with hundreds of telecom companies worldwide. GEGO combines WiFi networks detection with Cell Tower locations, dramatically improving the accuracy of your location reports. 

  • Worldwide coverage. No additional roaming charges.
  • Smart long battery life, optimized by usage mode. 
  • Receive notifications alerts when GEGO moves in or out of safe zones.
  • 3G network technology.
  • Real-time location.
  • Compliant with all air regulations.TSA-approved. It does not interfere with avionics in any way.
  • Airport arrival notifications.
  • Multiple uses. Use GEGO  while travelling and daily.
  • Personalized customer service.

*GEGO can track long-distance, other trackers devices only cover small distance ranges.

International Orders may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and fees levied by the destination country

GEGO requires a monthly service plan to stay connected: