How to Make Sure You Never Lose Your Luggage Again

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You do not have to be an international traveler or even a frequent flyer to know what a pain lost luggage can be. It does not matter who lost it, with so little as a single lost bag, an entire trip can be thrown into chaos. Fortunately, every bag can now be fitted with a luggage tracker like the GEGO tracker.

Here are some reasons why, if you travel at all, you should seriously consider getting the GEGO Universal Tracker before your next trip.

A Royal Pain

Each year, according to SITA, an IT vendor that runs the World Tracer System for luggage documented over 24 million bags that were lost and/or mishandled, since 2014. That figure, broken down among the total number of passengers flying in a year means that for every 1000 customers, over 7 will lose their luggage.

Unbelievably, that figure is an improvement over the percentage of lost bags airlines used to have. In fact, it is almost two-thirds less lost luggage than was recorded in 2007.

That said, losing bags on a trip, whether on business or pleasure, domestic or international travel, at the beginning or the end of a trip is highly disruptive.

At best, lost luggage can result in:

  • Stress and anxiety for the person who lost the luggage, as well as any people they were flying with, particularly if anything valuable was in the luggage,
  • Uncertainty over whether the traveler should wait for the luggage to catch up or continue on and hope that it eventually catches up,
  • The inconvenience of not having whatever was in the bags that were lost and had to improvise
  • Potential financial inconvenience if the items lost were valuable and not insured or if the traveler has to replace them at their destination.

There are worse things that can happen on a trip, including the weather being awful, flight delays, hotel accommodations being messed up, or flight cancelations, but few are as aggravating as realizing that luggage has been lost.

Few Options

Worse, for most people, the airlines losing or misplacing a bag or bags is really just the beginning for the person whose luggage is lost. Unless the luggage is outfitted with a geo-locator, the options are limited.

Really, there are only two options: Work with the airline to locate and deliver the lost luggage or replace the items that were stored in the lost luggage.

Working with the airline really is just lodging a lost luggage complaint and hoping the airline takes it seriously, finds the luggage and delivers it to the traveler.

Replacing the luggage can be costly and there is no guarantee the traveler will remember everything in the bag(s) when they are shopping. If the items are indispensable, like medication, it might be impossible to replace them in any timely manner, which can pose a threat to the traveler’s health.

Help is Here

Fortunately, there are geo-locator driven luggage trackers that can help a traveler figure out where their luggage is located. A tracker is stored in the luggage and uses satellite positioning to help track luggage or anything else it is store in.

While a geo-locator does not prevent the airline from losing or misplacing luggage, it does help with the recovery, particularly if the airline has completely lost track of it.

The GEGO Universal Tracker

Among luggage tracking devices, one of the industry leaders is the GEGO Universal Tracker. This handy device can be placed in luggage or used during everyday activities, such as storing it in bookbags, briefcases, purses, sports equipment, toolboxes, etc.

In fact, if it has a storage compartment, the GEGO Universal Tracker can be used to track it.

GSM and Other Features

The GEGO Tracker is so effective because it utilizes GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) technology. This was developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute and works internationally, with broader roaming capabilities than other US networks.

That means whatever the locator is stored in has a better chance of being picked up by GSM, which means it has a better chance of being found and restored.

Other features of the GEGO include:

  • WiFi Hotspot Triangulation,
  • Bluetooth Proximity
  • International Coverage: 190 countries have coverage with no additional roaming charges
  • A compact fit that can be placed into just about any sized luggage (credit card size)

The Universal Locator has a rechargeable and smart battery that was designed for long-term monitoring of whatever it is placed in. That means it will not run out if fully charged in the middle of a search for it. *On average, the battery will last for 10 to 20 days, ensuring it is available for most luggage searches.

*This depends on the mode that is used.

Full Flying Compliance

The GEGO Universal Locator is handy internationally and it meets all IATA, FAA, and TSA requirements to be included in luggage.

Part of the reason it has the compliance level it does is that GEGO is also the only product on the market that holds a US Patent (#20110241874A1.) Part of the patent covers the feature of switching off and on when a plane takes off or lands.

That means it is allowed to be included in any checked-in or carry-on luggage, as well as any other kind of shipment that is included in a flight.  

App Tracker

Finding the GEGO Universal Tracker is easy. Compatible with most smart devices, the

GEGO app offers frequent alerts and can be tracked just about anywhere your luggage ends up.

Losing luggage is a pain in the neck for anyone who is traveling, no matter how far or where. Nothing can put a vacation or business trip on hold so quickly and effectively as a lost bag. Few things are as annoying as waiting for a bag or bags to catch up, especially when fun things await once the traveler settles in.

GEGO Universal Tracker does not prevent bags from being lost. What it does is makes it infinitely easier to track luggage, all the time, but particularly when that luggage has been misplaced or mishandled by an airline.

Check out GEGO  Tracker today and see exactly how it can help you stay on top of what is important to you.