Have peace of mind, locate what you love!

GEGO tracker is the best option for global tracking access!


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GEGO Global Tracking Device

Using GSM technology, GEGO tracker has the best coverage for you! Don't be fooled by Bluetooth trackers or trackers with limited countries coverage. If you want to have peace of mind wherever you go, try GEGO global tracker!

Tech Specs
Global Coverage
Long Smart Battery Life
Movements alert
GSM + Bluetooth + WIFI



Locating your GEGO

Locating your GEGO at any distance.
Get real-time alerts about the location of your luggage - package, car or assets.
Distance doesn't matter. Track it worldwide.


Proximity radar

Locate what you care the most in real-time.
Monitor the location accurately with proximity radar and track everywhere with real-time updates.


Safe locations

Add safe locations like home, airport or school so you're alerted if your GEGO gets there.
Or let GEGO suggest frequently visited spots and set them as safe zones in the app.

The most reliable real-time global tracker

Best suitable for:  Luggage, car, purse, child, sports equipment, camera, shipments, cases, tools, music instruments, locate everything! 

More than a GPS tracker. GEGO it and relax!