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What can I GEGO?

Carrying something important in your luggage? GEGO it! Where are your kids right now? GEGO them! Your kid took the car again? GEGO it! How about your golf clubs? And that important package you sent?

GEGO everything you love


GEGO is your personal Smart Tracker that helps you keep tabs on everything that is important to you 

GEGO is Guaranteed Satisfaction

Use GEGO for a month, and if you’re not in love by day 30, we’ll take it back for a full refund, no questions asked. Free domestic shipping within the continental US.

GEGO Tech Specs

Check out our features

GEGO Universal Tracker
  • GEGO App

    Check your Location History, Battery Life, and more.

  • Global Tracking

    GEGO works anywhere in the World.

  • Smart Battery

    GEGO's battery works up to 30 days on a single charge. 

  • Movement Alerts

    Receive notifications when GEGO moves in or out of safe zones. 


I have been looking for a universal tracker that works. This tracker is the best I have found for tracking both things close to me as well as far away! I know my things are safe with GEGO. They nailed it! 

I have two young boys and a busy work life. GEGO helps me feel more secure that they are safe and at the places they should be and not in potential danger. 

GEGO let's me know when my kids leave school and when they get home. It helps me relax knowing they are safe when I am working or running errands.