Back to School

Always know where your kids are for $7.95 Monthly. With GEGO you can get notifications directly on your phone when your kids leave or arrive at safe zones (School, Home, etc.)

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Alexa Where Are My Kids?

GEGO also works with Amazon Echo to give you on-demand tracking using your voice!

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Find Things Fast!

GEGO's proximity radar lets you know exactly how close you are to what you are looking for.

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Track Anything with GEGO

Track Your Luggage

Track your luggage anywhere across the globe. Compliant with IATA, FAA, TSA and other official regulations.

Track Your Kids

Where are your kids right now? GEGO answers that question for you. GPS loses it's signal indoors. GEGO works anytime, anywhere. 

Track Your Purse

Get text notifications if you leave your belongings behind. Don't let that expensive handbag slip away. 

Track Your Car

Forgot where you parked? We've got you covered. Ask GEGO. 

Track Your Camera

Favorite camera?  Get instant notifications when items are moved or leave safe zones. GEGO is 24/7 security for your assets.

Track Your Universe

GEGO is the smart tracker that keeps tabs on the most important things in your universe. Use GEGO however you like for total peace of mind! 

Back to School Must Have: GEGO Smart Tracking for Kids

See how one family uses GEGO and Alexa to have peace of mind and find some extra time to spice up their life! 


The global tracker for all the things you love.

GEGO Global Smart Tracker
  • GEGO App

    Use your smart phone to see exactly where GEGO is right now. The app (iOS & Android) allows 24/7 security at your fingertips. GEGO also works with Amazon Echo for a hands-free experience. 

  • Global Tracking

    "Where in the world is...?" GEGO can now answer that question. Traveling to Asia for work and can't afford to lose your luggage? Teenager backpacking Europe and want peace of mind? We've got you covered, worldwide. 

  • Smart Battery

     GEGO's battery works up to 30 days on a single charge. GEGO will automatically remind you when it's time to re-charge, so you always have power to protect what you love.  

  • Movement Alerts

    Choose to receive notifications and GEGO automatically lets you know when it is disturbed or moves in or out of safe zones. You control all communications to easily monitor all the things you love. 

Your Personal Safety Net

Phone...check! Wallet...check! Lipstick...check! GEGO...check. The new essential! GEGO always keeps your stuff safe.

Protect Your Vehicle

Have you ever forgotten where you parked? Use GEGO to know exactly where your car is right now. Get notifications if it moves and track it when being driven. 

Track Your Most Important Gear

Everyday expensive valuables or even worse personal documents are lost. Now GEGO can help you keep track of what you value most, especially when on the go!  

GEGO Reviews

I have been looking for a universal tracker that works. This tracker is the best I have found for tracking both things close to me as well as far away! I know my things are safe with GEGO. They nailed it! 

I have two young boys and a busy work life. GEGO helps me feel more secure that they are safe and at the places they should be and not in potential danger. 

GEGO let's me know when my kids leave school and when they get home. It helps me relax knowing they are safe when I am working or running errands. 

GEGO's Got You Covered!

  • The World's #1 Luggage Tracker and more...

    GEGO was developed by the makers of LugLoc, the world's #1 luggage tracker, and has all of LugLoc's award winning features and more!

  • Do you know where your bag is?

    Find your items in seconds and see if your bag is really lost or if you just left it at the office or gym. 

  • Find your kids or get notified when they are on the move

    Keeping track of your little ones has never been easier and less annoying for your kids!