7 things to do while you are not travelling

Travel ban in covid pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted travel plans globally as lockdown measures keep much of the world’s population at home during some of the peak seasons for traveling.

“Never before in history has international travel been restricted in such an extreme manner,” according to a report released by the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

We know GEGO tracker is mostly used for luggage tracking, but here are 7 ways to take full advantage of its unique and high-end technology.

1- Bike

The COVID pandemic has brought many side effects in daily life, one being the reduction of usage of public transport. Many commuters have realized there is a need to look for a safer option. Bikes are an eco-friendly alternative that suits most the ones that are seeking a way to stay in shape and avoid close spaces. But as much as bike use has gone up, bike theft has highly increased in the last eight months.

GEGO tracker can be used to help reduce bike theft by alerting you if your bike is tampered with or moved by helping you safeguard it.

 2- Tech Gear

Keep your tech gadgets safe with GEGO. You can hide it inside your backpack and use it to pinpoint the location of your personal items like your laptop, ipad or any tech gear is  at any moment.

GEGO also comes with a bluetooth Proximity Radar that alerts you of how far or near your bag is from you. GEGO is better than a GPS tracker as it works indoors with worldwide connectivity.

3- Kids

You can locate your kids with GEGO global tracker. A personal monitoring device that tracks down your child’s whereabouts. GEGO can be worn as an accessory or even attached to your child’s backpack.

"There are many things to worry about as a mom, GEGO takes one of the worst worries away by helping you keep track of your child’s location through your smartphone!".

Worried about your kid's safety? Set safe zones like school, park, grandma´s, and get alerts via text message or through the app to know when your child leaves or enters. Unlike cell phones, GEGO tracker cannot be turned off so you can always know where your child is.

4- Sporting Goods

With the GEGO tracker, you can keep track of sports equipment worldwide without the extra roaming charges. Ranging from golf equipment to surfing items, GEGO will offer real-time location capability so that you'll always know exactly where your items are. 

In addition, you can set up safe zones. If your equipment moves outside of this zone, an alert will sound when you're having your equipment taken from home to a golf course, for example.

GEGO tracker also offers a lengthy battery life. This will keep you from having to constantly worry about finding a place to charge it during your travels.

GEGO stands out when compared with other Bluetooth trackers in that other trackers cover only short distances. GEGO allows you to track your equipment all over the world. 

5-Music instruments

Give your high-value music instruments an extra protection with GEGO. Have peace of mind, that your instruments and music equipment will be protected by best-in-class technology. 

GEGO global tracking device is the smartest and easiest way to locate your instruments worldwide. 

6- Shipments

Monitor shipments of all shapes and sizes with GEGO tracker. You will receive alerts to help you deal with damage complaints. Get regular updates at set intervals with a battery life measured in weeks and months. 

GEGO prevents the chances of misleading transit and helps ensure that shipments arrive at their destination.

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7- Car

Did you forget where you parked or someone took your car without permission? Locate your car with GEGO.  

Choose one of GEGOs usage modes and get the most out of your GEGO while optimizing battery life. The app will automatically remind you when it's time to recharge, so you always have power to monitor your car.  

Unlike GPS trackers, GEGO combines the power of 3G network coverage with Wifi Access Point Triangulation to give you the most accurate location, both indoors and outdoors.