Exploring GEGO Tracking Solutions Features: IDLE NOTIFICATION

Exploring GEGO Tracking Solutions Features: IDLE NOTIFICATION

Ever wondered how to optimize the performance of your logistics operations? GEGO Tracking Solutions has taken logistic efficiency to a new level with its innovative "Idle Notification" feature.

What is Idle Notification?

GEGO Tracking Solutions' Idle Notification feature is a key tool to ensure your assets are always in motion when needed. This intelligent feature detects prolonged periods of inactivity in your assets, whether it's a vehicle or a container, and instantly notifies you.


  • Time Optimization: Avoid extended periods of inactivity, ensuring your assets are always on the move when needed, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Resource Savings: Reduce fuel consumption and costs associated with inactivity, contributing to a more sustainable use of resources.
  • Improved Planning: By receiving real-time notifications about inactivity, you can adjust schedules and routes to maximize the efficiency of your operations.


  • Inactivity Detection: GEGO's advanced technology automatically identifies prolonged periods of inactivity in your assets.
  • Instant Notifications: Receive real-time alerts via the GEGO platform or mobile app as soon as inactivity is detected.
  • Swift Actions: With the information at hand, you can make quick decisions to reactivate your assets and keep your supply chain moving.


  • Goods Transportation: Avoid unnecessary delivery delays by receiving notifications about vehicles stopped for extended periods.
  • Fleet Management: Optimize your fleet usage by quickly identifying and addressing any unplanned inactivity.

To learn more about our useful features, we invite you to book a quick demo with our team of experts.

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