First steps GEGO

Getting Started: Things you will need

 Charge your GEGO

Plug in your device. It takes approx12 hours to charge the first time. For an optimum charging experience, we recommend you plug into a wall adapter to charge your device. 

STEP 1 - Download the App and create an account

GEGO Welcome page

STEP 2 - Add your GEGO to your account


STEP 3 - Take a picture so you remember where you place your GEGO

Picture of what you'll be tracking with your GEGO

STEP 4 - Select your subscription: month or year

Activate Service Plan


STEP 5 - Define "Safe locations" like home, school or gym.

Defining a safe location

STEP 6 - Get your GEGO location in real time

GEGO location on the map in real-time


STEP 7 - Get notifications when GEGO moves

STEP 8 - Use Proximity radar for short-range monitoring

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