1 Year PrePaid Plan

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Service Plan
GEGO GPS Pre-Paid Service
(*Not compatible with GEGO Universal Tracker, GEGO Universal Tracker requires an in-app subscription)
Best price in the market! Unlimited International and Domestic Coverage. 

Get worldwide coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Know where your tracker is all over the world. No roaming charges!

Get the most out of your GEGO:

  • Baggage recovery service: We will track and expedite the return of your undelivered luggage. If your luggage is not returned within 96 hours (4 days), you will be paid $1,000/bag! (*)

  • Airport arrival alerts: Have peace of mind when landing! Receive SMS alerts that your GEGO has arrived at the airport. Get real-time alerts about the location of your luggage, package, car, persons, or assets.

  • Global coverage: get tracking service all over the world, no roaming charges.

  • Location history: Keep record of where your GEGO was based on your map history.

  • 24/7 luggage experts personalized unlimited customer support.

  • And much more!


(*) Conditions apply

*Promotion not valid in conjunction with other promotions. *Get $1,000 if not returned in 96 hours. () () MAX 2 BAGS P/CUSTOMER ($2,000)



Precision and Accuracy With its combination of 2G-4G network technology and assisted GPS, GEGO GPS provides the most accurate and reliable results possible.
Network Coverage The device comes with a SIM card provided by one of the largest telecom companies in the world, offering 2G-4G GSM coverage around the world without any additional roaming charges.
Safe Zones Set up several "safe zones" on the app, so you'll receive notifications when the device enters or exits those areas, such as home, school, or office.
Location History Get a location update every few minutes, and the location history is automatically recorded for future reference.
Global Coverage GEGO GPS works everywhere. You won't have to worry about additional roaming charges, either. GEGO GPS delivers precise coordinates for pinpoint accuracy and operates independently without relying on other devices.
Fast Bag Recovery Service Included with every active tracking service plan. Track and expedite the return of your undelivered baggage by the airline. If it is not found after 96 hours, get paid $1,000/bag!* GEGO GPS is the only tracker in the market with lost luggage compensation.
Battery Life The battery life is optimized by usage mode and can last up to a week. You can receive low battery alerts through the GEGO app.

Fast Landing Report - Airport Notifications Engineered to provide quick reports immediately after landing, receive timely notifications about your luggage's arrival at the airport before anyone else.


Share Your GEGO The GEGO app is user-friendly and you can also monitor movements and view completed trips on the app or share the location of your device with someone else.
Tech Support What sets GEGO apart is our human customer service available 24/7 to answer any questions or resolve issues.
Air Regulations With FAA, TSA, and major Cargo Airlines approved certifications, GEGO GPS ensures compatibility and compliance. 



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