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GEGO Global Smart Tracker

GEGO Global Smart Tracker

GEGO Global Smart Tracker


The universal smart tracker that helps you keep track of everything you love. Combines GSM, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology for global 3G indoor and outdoor tracking via your smart phone. 

30-Day Money Back Guarantee 



The global smart tracker for all the things you love.

GEGO Global Smart Tracker
  • GEGO App

    Use your smart phone to see exactly where GEGO is right now. The app (iOS & Android) allows 24/7 security at your fingertips. GEGO also works with Amazon Echo for a hands-free experience. 

  • Global 3G Tracking

    "Where in the world is...?" GEGO can now answer that question. Traveling to Asia for work and can't afford to lose your luggage? Teenager backpacking Europe and want peace of mind? We've got you covered with 3G, worldwide. 

  • Smart Battery

    GEGO's battery works up to 30 days on a single charge. GEGO will automatically remind you when it's time to re-charge, so you always have power to protect what you love.  

  • Movement Alerts

    Choose to recieve notifications and GEGO automatically let's you know when it is disturbed or moves in or out of safe zones. You control all communications to easily monitor all the things you love. 

Technical specifications

  • Credit Card Sized

    GEGO is smaller than a credit card but thicker 

  • 3G

    GEGO runs on 3G giving you global coverage for all the things you track. 3G is the third generation of cellular network. 

  • Proximity Radar

    See how close your items are with proximity radar. 

  • TSA Approved

    GEGO is TSA, FAA, FEC compliant. GEGO works in airports where other devices struggle to get service.