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GEGO GPS is a real-time Global tracker that tracks everything you love, including luggage, people, vehicles and valuables of any size. 

GEGO GPS requires a service plan to stay connected. No contracts, suspend or cancel any time, and no extra roaming charges. In-App Subscription ONLY

GEGO GPS Service Plan for GEGO APP
*SKINS Compatible ONLY with GEGO GPS Tracker

Introducing GEGO Skin: the perfect way to personalize and protect your GEGO GPS tracker!

You can choose between the two colors you like the most and give your device a colorful, unique look. Customize your device to match your style and make it easy to identify which GEGO GPS belongs where - in your bag, car, or even at school!
The skin also provides protection against scratches, making it easy to keep your GEGO GPS looking like new.