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GEGO GPS is a real-time Global tracker that tracks everything you love, including luggage, people, vehicles, and valuables of any size. 

GEGO GPS requires a service plan to stay connected. No contracts, suspend or cancel any time, and no extra roaming charges. In-App Subscription ONLY

GEGO GPS Service Plan for GEGO APP
*SKINS Compatible ONLY with GEGO GPS Tracker

Introducing GEGO Skin: the perfect way to personalize and protect your GEGO GPS tracker!

You can choose between the two colors you like the most and give your device a colorful, unique look. Customize your device to match your style and make it easy to identify which GEGO GPS belongs where - in your bag, car, or even at school!
The skin also provides protection against scratches, making it easy to keep your GEGO GPS looking like new. 




Precision and Accuracy The GEGO GPS uses 4G network technology and Assisted GPS (AGPS) to provide the highest precision and location accuracy possible.
Network Coverage The device comes with a SIM card provided by one of the largest telecom companies in the world, offering 2G-4G GSM coverage around the world without any additional roaming charges.
Safe Zones You can set up multiple "safe zones" to receive notifications when the device enters or exits specific areas like "school," "home," or "office."
Location Updates Get location updates every few minutes, with automatic recording of location history for completed trips.
Global Coverage With around the world coverage, the device offers real-time location, high accuracy, and 4G network technology for uninterrupted service.
Battery Life The rechargeable battery has a smart battery life of up to one week, optimized by usage mode. You can receive low battery alerts through the GEGO app.
Airport Notifications Get notifications about airport arrivals, allowing you to track your luggage and ensure your belongings are secure.
Monitoring Features Follow movements in real-time or view completed trips from recorded location history.
Tech Support The device comes with tech support seven days a week to answer any questions or resolve issues.
Air Regulations GEGO GPS is compliant with all air regulations, including TSA regulations, and does not interfere with avionics in any way.



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